Book Review: Kindred Spirits by Julianne Lee

kindred spirits #romance #timetravel
Shelby adores her new house, until she learns it’s haunted by a grieving Confederate soldier. When a mystical spell in a hidden diary transports her to the nineteenth century, where she becomes the writer of the diary, she finds herself torn between wanting to go home and needing to stay. She realizes she is the only hope for the survival of the family she has come to love.

Received as part of the March 2012 LibraryThing Early Reviewers to mark the publication of this book as an ebook by Book View Cafe. The Book can be purchased here.

Shelby moves into a new home brought with the money left her when her parents die. She instantly feels at home there but it’s not long before she finds out that the house is haunted by a Civil War soldier. Her work as a book editor has given her a certain level of knowledge about the civil war but she still finds herself at a disadvantage when she gets transported back to the 1860s and into the life of the man who subsequently haunts her house.

Reasonable descriptions of what it meant to live during a civil war and when people often used slaves to do the hard work or had to do it themselves.

Couple of things that stuck me though: her use of modern slang which didnt get picked up on. The change in her sister in law after the death of Ger was a little too anachronistic (from wanting to escape to the bigger town to be a socialite to running a farm on her own and looking after the baby in the house). However, on the whole this is a good romance, that also shows that living during war time is not as easy as people would necessarily make it out to be

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