Review: Twenty Wishes by Debbie Macomber

twenty wishes #blossomstreet
Twenty Wishes by Debbie Macomber
Anne Marie Roche wants to find happiness again. At thirty-eight, her life’s not what she’d expected–she’s childless, a recent widow, alone. She owns a successful bookstore on Seattle’s Blossom Street, but despite her accomplishments, there’s a feeling of emptiness.On Valentine’s Day, Anne Marie and several other widows get together to celebrate…what? Hope, possibility, the future. They each begin a list of twenty wishes, things they always wanted to do but never did.

Fifth of the Blossom Street series and it fills in a couple of gaps.

There is a small group of women around Blossom Street, of various ages, who have become widows. One Valentines’ Day evening, they decide to each write a list of Twenty wishes.

Over the next 18 months things happen to help them reach the spirit of their wishes, if not necessarily all the items on their list.

Standard Macomber fare, that can border on the sweet and twee, but thankfully pulls away before it gets too sappy.

Easy afternoon read on a cold and windy April weekend!


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