Book Review: The Black Robe by Wilkie Collins

The Black Robe
I realised part way through that I had read this book before but couldn’t remember what happened.

This is the story of a troubled man, whose life and soul are literally torn between his wife and the catholic priests who are attempting to convert him to Catholicism (in order to gain the lands he inherited that had been removed from the Church by Henry VIII).

A short story with big power struggles, points of law between UK civil and Catholic law (when are people married and divorced? and what happens if someone dies in-testate). It was very close to being bogged down it the point of law, and some readers may find it boring and be turned off by the lengthy debates and points. People seeming to run around half of Europe in the matter of hours (Paris one day, London the next – we havent got much better with the Chunnel, really have we?). Great to have money innit?


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