Too many books, not enough time

I have plenty of books on my bookshelves that I *really* want to read (I’ve got rid of the ones I know I never will). And then, for Christmas, I got an ereader (a Kobo), which has made so many more books available to me. I want to read them, read them well, and write what I hope is a reasonable review at the end. I dont speed read like I used to (but can still read fairly fast).

I read about 93 books last year, and set myself the challenge of reading “just” 50 this year. This was to allow for me to read the larger books I have in my possession – you know, the ones that are over 700 pages long. I have already read 22, so it’s now the beginning of April and I’m nearly half way through my challenge. At this rate I may be able to reach well into the 70s or even higher.

I also get audio books, and those that I purchase are from I got into audiobooks about 2 years ago, when I lost my eyesight, so couldnt read, but still wanted to occupy my brain somehow. I have several of those I still have to listen to, and dont know when I’ll get around to them either! There is also a podcast – where Heather combines her interest in crafting with being an English Teacher and helping us through English Lit books. She’s just finished Dracula, and Gulliver’s Travels will be next



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