Book Review: 8 Sandpiper Way by Debbie Macomber

8 Sandpiper Way by Debbie Macomber #BookCover #BookReview #CedarCoveWhat I believe is the penultimate book in the Cedar Cove series, this is perhaps not the most emotionally deep book of the series.

This is set during the lead up to Christmas – Olivia has cancer and has just had her operation ahead of chemo. As a result, there is none of the divorce settlement proceedings evident in the early stories.

The local Pastor is keeping secrets from his wife, which leads her to suspect he’s having an affair – and everyone else to think he’s a thief. it turns out that they have over extended themselves when buying their new house and are now in negative equity, so cannot sell the house to cover their debts. The Pastor has taken on a second (security) job, which is why he is coming home late.

The Art gallery is under new ownership. People are mourning those who have died in the last year. Weddings are arranged (but not held in this book), babies are announced, romances are started and as often halted…..

Some things are completed, some are started, some are left open for another time. The primary story – the pastor and his wife – seems to finish rather early during the book and a litle to tritely. It almost seems to ge a holding pattern for the next book to finish up. Not my favourite of the series

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