Blog Prompt: Reading habits – falling in and out of favour

There were a few years where I would only read books from particular authors – either reread the books I already had or buy the new books in a series. That’s long gone and now it seems to be the other way around.  I realised the other day that yet another Jonathon Kellerman book was out, and I realised several things

1) that I was out of the cycle of knowing when authors published their books – I remember that Terry Pratchett generally releases a Discworld book every October/November (and any non Discworld books in May/June). Jonathon Kellerman releases every two years in May/June. I think his wife Faye publishes the other alternate years at the same time (though I dont read her books).

2) That I am several books in a series behind. The new Thursday Next book (Jasper Fforde) is due out soon, is the seventh in the series, and I havent even read number 5 yet (First amongst sequels). Started reading number 6 (One of our Thursdays is Missing), realised so much had happened in the book before that I didnt stand a chance of catching up, and put it aside. I have all books, now just havent sat down and read them.

3) With the Kellerman books (I’ve given up acidly collecting the Patricia Cornwell books ever since Black Notice where she went a little mad and it’s clear she hates Scarpetta), it’s now got to a point I’ve lost track of what book comes next, and really need to sort them all out into order.

I continue to read however, with plenty of books not with the usual suspects. I am slowly reducing the number of paper books in my place, though somehow seem to be increasing the number of ebooks that I am collecting.

So has anything fallen in or out of favour with you?


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