So who belongs to a bookgroup? Love em? Hate em?
I’ ve belonged to a couple of bookgroups over the years. The first was perhaps my favourite for several reasons

1) I set it up under my rules which lead to point

2)  we met in bars rather than coffee shops so the primary rule was : you buy your own beer

3) we called it a “bookgroup”, but reading the set book was optional and I think the longest we spent talking about any prescribed book was 15 mins and rarely sparked any major debate.

I’ve heard horror stories from other book groups such as them turning into cliques; never deviating from a particular style of book; If you didnt like a book or style of book, you were shunned; People’s recommendations for books being ignored or sneered at (“oh I couldn’t possibly read a book like that, what ever were you thinking?”).

I joined another bookgroup a few years ago, but dropped out when I returned to work and couldnt get there for the 6pm start.

I’m a member of one bookgroup at the moment, and that’s reading a set of Hardy books. It’s virtual, so no worries about when to turn up. Two months per book, and no pressure. Just finding it really difficult to finish the books – some people I know are loving them and finishing them really fast. I know I’ve read many of them before and thought i’d enjoy reading them in order.

What bookgroups do you belong to? Do you enjoy them? Where do you find them? Have you set on up yourself?

One thought on “Bookgroups?

  1. A group of us from a toddler class set up a book group. We take turns hosting at each members house, the host supplies snacks & wine. We each contribute an amount every month toward buying books. The books bought go into a pool which we take from. If a person leaves the group they can take the books which they bought. Some members don’t even read but come for the company and a good night out. This months meeting is tonight and I plan to take photos and write up a blog about it tomorrow


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