Book Review: The Last Sunset by Bob Atkinson

The Last Sunset by Bob Atkinson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Description: The year… 1746.

Around Fort William, the Scottish Highlanders are in revolt and the Redcoats are coming…

Suddenly… time shifts… people from different eras are dumped at this one turning point in history.

In the future, Nuclear Armageddon has caused this powerful blast through time, but why?

Can history be changed?

Or is the future doomed to witness…

The Last Sunset?

Received as part of the Librarything Early Reviewer’s August 2012 batch.

It is one of the stronger ER books that I’ve read recently. 4 groups of people, from 4 different time lines are brought together through some extreme event (a nuclear detonation above Scotland in 2026). They come together during one of the more devastating points in the history of the Scottish Highlands and Bonny Prince Charlie where a massacre is about to happen.

There is a culture shock between all the different groups – e.g. the soldiers from WWI thinking that the war had gone on until 1945, the English soldiers deployed in Northern Ireland during “The Troubles” and the American couple from 2026 who hear of war starting between America and China, with Scotland getting in the way. All of them being shocked with the ecological and nuclear devastation of the planet in 2026.

Andy is a battle hardened Corporal from the mid 1970s British Army, and who finds a certain peace and acceptance within the community, and wishes to protect them.

There is plenty of action, with the time-travellers attempting to prevent the massacre of their ancestors. The ending was (to me, when I finished the book at midnight on night) a little cut short, and it would be interesting to see if Mr Atkinson takes this story any further in a future story


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