Book Review: The Gypsy Tea Room by Nicky Pellegrino

gypsy tearoom #italy #romance
Raffaella Moretti, by far the most beautiful girl in the southern Italian town of Triento, is about to marry the only boy she has ever loved. It seems that nothing but happiness lies in store for her, so the last thing she expects is to find herself, one short year later, down on her hands and knees, scrubbing the layers of dirt from the floor of a strange house. As Raffaella struggles to recapture her own lost happiness, she starts looking for ways to help those around her do the same.   Filled with food, love and longing, this heartfelt novel invites you to take a seat in the piazza of Triento, somewhere between the bustle of the market stalls and Silvana’s sweetly-scented bakery, and become a tiny part of the endless spectacle of life.

Also known as “Summer at the Villa Rosa”

A Short book dealing with love, death, grief, romance, food and everything else in between. People come and go, sides are chosen and fought for.

Raffella, still young and still the prettiest girl in the village, finds herself a widow after a year of marriage. She finds herself without a husband, a home or a job in one fell swoop. However the priests in the town have concocted a plan to have a statue of Christ built outside the town, and Raffella is hired to be the housekeeper for the architect hired to complete the work.

Like life things are not wrapped up at the end in a nice bundle. Romances dont complete the way you may have expected. The description of the food and the scenery were particularly enjoyable and it would be interesting to see if Pellegrino ever got involved with an Italian cookbook.


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