Oh I give up

well, not really!

Just had to admit that perhaps it’s time to give up on “Wives and Daughters” by Elizabeth Gaskell – at least for the moment. I only got about half way through and it’s been about 6 weeks. That usually means I’m not loving a book.

Meanwhile I’m part way through “Downside Girls”, an ebook collection of short stories by Jaine Fenn, which is pretty good, and “The Lantern” by Deborah Lawrenson, which is a story set in Southern France, where a woman becomes obsessed by her partner’s ex-wife – similar to Rebecca by du Maurier.

One of the side effects of reading lots of books (and being on sites that recommend books to you) is that you can build up a big wishlist. Mine is kept on a website where people often share books with each other. Therefore I can get a flurry of books coming through the post!

“Round Robin”, which I reviewed last week, is one such book, I’ve got my name down for “The constant Princess” and “Game of Thrones” too – eeep!. Naturally it’s kind of a “pay it forward” situation, and it does tend to be that if people share books on your wishlist, then you offer a book to someone else.


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