Classics Club

Oh Lord! I’ve just found another challenge group to belong to: The Classics Club that challenges you to read 50+ classics in up to 5 years. that’s 50 books as a minimum.

So below are the Classics that I am planning to read between now and November 2017

Jane Eyre                                                        Charlotte Bronte

Pride and Prejudice                                        Jane Austen

Gulliver’s Travels                                            Jonathan Swift

Turning of the Screw                                      Henry James

The Dead Alive                                              Wilkie Collins

A Little Princess                                             Frances Hodgson Burnett

House of Mirth                                               Edith Wharton

Castle Dor                                                      Du Maurier

Hide and Seek                                                Wilkie Collins

The Hunchback of Notre Dame                  Victor Hugo

The Prisoner of Zenda                                  Anthony Hope

No Name                                                          Wilkie Collins

Les Miserables                                                Victor Hugo

The Invisible Man                                           H. G. Wells

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea   Jules Verne

The Man Who Knew Too Much                    G. K. Chesterton

Don Quixote                                                   Miguel de Cervantes

Moby Dick                                                     Herman Melville

Little Women                                                 Louisa May Alcott

The Mysteries of Udolpho                             Ann Radcliffe

The Woman in White                                     Wilkie Collins

Frankenstein                                                   Mary Shelley

The Shuttle                                                     Frances Hodgson Burnett

The Beautiful and the Damned                      F Scott Fitzgerald

Wives and Daughters                                     Elizabeth Gaskell

Sleepers of Mars                                             John Wyndham

Sons and Lovers                                             D H Lawrence

Bleak House                                                   Charles Dickens

Tale of Two Cities                                          Charles Dickens

Evelina                                                            Frances Burney

The Way of all Flesh                                      Samuel Butler

The Diary of a Provincial Lady                   E. M . Delafield

The Doll                                                          Daphne Du Maurier

The Priory                                                       Dorothy Whipple

North and South                                            Elizabeth Gaskell

Hard Times                                                     Charles Dickens

Wanders of Time                                            John Wyndham

The Pillow Book                                             Sei Shonagon

The Prince                                                       Nicolo Machiavelli

Last of the Mohicans                                      James Fenimore Cooper

The Nine Tailors                                        Dorothy L Sayers

Anna Karenina                                               Leo Tolstoy

The Mystery of the Yellow Room                 Gaston Leroux

The Moonstone                                               Wilkie Collins

The Poisoned Pen                                           Arthur B reeve

Tess of the Durbivilles                                    Thomas Hardy

Jude the Obscure                                            Thomas Hardy

A Clockwork Orange                                     Anthony Burgess

The Black Tulip                                              Alexandre Dumas

A Room with A view                                      E. M. Forster


4 thoughts on “Classics Club

  1. Oh i love these. Classics always interest me. I am so proud to say that i have managed to read more than half of what’s on the list..Indeed, the stories were great and enthralling.


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