Book Review: Interloper at Glencoe by Julianne Lee

interloper at glencoe #timetravel #historical

Nick Moulin is a rational, thinking man, who one day acquires a fascinating old book that brings him a dream of a beautiful woman and an adventure of long ago.

Received in ebook format as part of the October 2012 Librarything‘s Early Reviewer, from Book View Cafe.

This is similar (but not the same) to “Kindred Spirits” by the same author (modern character goes back in time) and “The Last Sunset” by Bob Atkinson, the latter being time travel back to the same area/period of time (redcoat massacres in the glens of Scotland). The main differences with this book is that the main characters get to go forward and backwards in time and (spoiler alert!) manage to change history.

The main thing that bugged me in the book: Nick was in a small apartment, having moved out of his parents’ house (his mother was truly dreadful!) and seemed to be of limited income, living on junk food. However, when he went to go shopping with Beth, he managed to get her a whole new wardrobe (dress, tops, underwear, trousers, shoes) with no worries, as a savings account from his time at a dotcom had mysteriously appeared. Beth’s discomfort in the new world was dealt with well, and stopped before becoming too tedious.

Not sure I was entirely convinced with Fionn and his take with Beth – he said he was in love with her but seemed to watch from afar and do a little meddling with the men in her life. There was nothing to convince me what he was going to do to make her his – there seemed no plan to kidnap her away to the faery land or otherwise make her his (or did I miss something?). He didnt seem wise or barmy enough for me.

Otherwise, I thought the story was good, interesting, and new-ish take on a fantasy staple


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