Book Review: Vintage Murder by Ngaio Marsh

vintage murder #alleyn #mysteryThe leading lady of a theatre company touring New Zealand was stunningly beautiful. No one-including her lover-understood why she married the company’s pudgy producer. But did she rig a huge jeroboam of champagne to kill her husband during a cast party?
Did her sweetheart? Or was another villain waiting in the wings? On a holiday down under, Inspector Roderick Alleyn must uncork this mystery and uncover a devious killer…

Number 5 in the Alleyn series, and it’s pre-Troy. Alleyn takes a long holiday to New Zealand, falls in with a touring acting company and gets pulled into investigating the murder of one of the Company’s owners.

The book sets up characters that are repeated in later books (e.g. the Noble Aboriginal Doctor). As usual the investigations take part over the following 48 hours after the death of the main character and there is a lot of interviewing of the secondary characters, including the dead man’s wife, the man who was in love with her, the drunken ex-actor/door manager etc.

Marsh split her time between England and New Zealand, and her love of the latter country is evident, especially at the end – the New Zealand tourist board should dig out these books again and make sure they’re pride of place!

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