Book Review: Thor Reborn by J. Michael Straczynski

#thor reborn #comic #marvel

After Ragnarok, Thor and the other gods have been consigned to the blackness, dead in essence.

Thor returns to the world of the living and meets up again with Dr Don Blake, his human “host”.

Asgard is rebuilt, but it is a lonely place, and Thor decides to return the other Norse Gods to the land of the living to fill Asgard. The locals (rural America) are not impressed and by the end, still havent fully come around to having Gods in their back yard.

Meanwhile Thor travels the world seeking out the other Gods in their human form, hoping to bring them forward before their hosts die. Each story is the tale of one such rescue, where Thor has to overcome some foe, either human or god. The final chapter sees him trying to rescue all remaining gods, even if it means his own destruction…..

Having come very late to the metaphorical Thor party, it’s hard for me to judge this book in the Thor arc, and how it stands against others.  Every time I read issues such as this, I find out more, especially that not covered in The Avengers movie(s) – such as that Thor can hide behind a human host.


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