Reading Challenge

Well I’ve met my initial challenge of reading 75 books this year, being helped by the last few books being Graphic Novels (who knew that Batman would be more popular that Superman when it comes to stats eh?)

Anyway, I have two books that I am still part way through and really should finish before the end of the year. One is “China Governess” which is a Campion investigation and I’m in the home straight on.

The second is “Vale of Stars” by Sean O’Brian, a sci fi Early Reviewers book I got from LibraryThing last month and which I over half way through on. It’s actually quite good when I actually sit down and read, but I am so tired at the moment I’m making little progress on much at the moment.

Next book I really should read is “Living in threes” by Judith Tarr which is another LTER book I picked up earlier in the month.

Some friends are undertaking a re-reading challenge in January. I have so many books to read that I havent read before that I’m not sure I’ll take part. I may, however, use this month as a “classics club” month (some of which are re-reads) but I will have to do some planning, as I’m not there yet.


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