Book Review: Wolverine: Not Dead Yet by Warren Ellis

Wolverine not dead yet #graphicnovel #comic #marvel

Over the years, the hero known as Wolverine has faced many adversaries, fought many battles, and survived more than a few tough scrapes. But there may never have been a more ruthless man in the life of Wolverine than McLeish, the hard-drinking, tough-talking Scottish terrorist, known as the White Ghost. First a drinking buddy of Wolverine’s many years in the past, McLeish is revealed to be a hated enemy, bringing death to the door of Wolverine.Now, many years after his death at the hands of Wolverine, McLeish appears to be alive again. Signs and clues point to the unlikely continued existence for this vile character, and Wolverine will not rest until the truth is revealed. A noirish thriller told in John Woo-like action sequences, Wolverine: Not Dead Yet will leave readers gasping for air as the mystery of the White Ghost’s return unfolds into the most unexpected ending of all

This tells of Wolverine, alone in New York, being chased by memories of a drinking partner from 10 years previously: McLeish was a hard drinking mad Scottish killer who Logan linked up to drink with in Hong Kong.

Logan left McLeish for dead after a boat exploded in Hong Kong harbour. However, Logan is now being chased by ghosts (plus all too real killers) and is manipulated into arriving in a deserted house outside New York where he comes face to face with McLeish in a final showdown.

Gone are the early narrative introductions in each chapter of “I am Wolverine, I’m the best at what I do”. Logan is feeling old and tired and manipulated. His capacity for fast healing remains, but the adamantium has been stripped from his bones and not providing him with the protection he was once used too. His claws are still as lethal as ever, but they are now bone rather than metal. This was the main thing that annoyed me about this story – i didn’t understand why or when wolverine has lost this protection, and it could have added to understanding of why Logan felt so down and even darker than normal.


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