Book Review: Scandalous by Patricia Burroughs

scandalousWhy live in the boring present when you have a century’s worth of vintage couture to live up to? Why be ordinary with centuries of Vandermeir scandals to shape your destiny?

Paisley Vandermeir was born on a hippie commune, transplanted to high society Manhattan at the vulnerable age of seven, and finally rescued and nurtured by her wild Aunt Izzy, whose Roaring 20s exploits still tarnish the family name. Paisley is the very definition of a “Vandermeir scandal” waiting to happen. It’s simply a matter of what and when.

Now, it’s Christmas in Manhattan and Paisley Vandermeir has a scandalous scheme to set herself free from society’s expectations once and for all.

Enter Christopher Quincy Maitland, the blond and gorgeous Rock of Gibraltar who carries the weight of his family’s fortune on his shoulders–safe, dependable, scandal proof. Or is he?

Got this from the Book View Cafe publisher via the  Librarything December 2012 Early Reviewer batch. Originally published in the 90s, this is re-released in ebook format.

Until aged 7, Paisley lived on a commune, but was then pulled back to live with her blue blood family in Boston. Well aware of her aunt’s rebellious nature, and the tradition of one rebellion per generation, she grows up expecting to be one to create a scandal.

In order to get it over and done with, she sets her sight on the safely engaged Christopher, despite her Aunt Izzy and his grandfather seemingly having had an affair when younger. Unfortunately it seems that Christopher isnt willing to play by her rules.

A shortish story, reasonable levels of sex and more interest in the clothes Paisley/Issy wore. The secondary characters are rather one dimensional and rarely touched on – in the end it’s not Paisley who causes the scandal!


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