Book Review: Spinsters In Jeopardy by Ngaio Marsh

spinsters in jeopardy #alleyn

For Inspector Roderick Alleyn, the trip was to be official; for his family, a Mediterranean romp. But a plot torn from the pages of a gothic novel soon engulfed them all. Alleyn’s son was kidnapped. A very wealthy spinster was murdered. And in an eerie chateau, carved out of the Riviera mountainside, Alleyn faced the ultimate jet-set cult.

A later book, where Alleyn, Troy and their young son Ricky are in France partly on holiday, partly for Alleyn to investigate the goings on at a specific Château, where the authorities believe there is a major drug ring going on.

Travelling through by train, one of their fellow passengers is taken ill, allowing Alleyn to gain access to the château where one of the residents is a well known doctor. All three of the Alleyns remain in town, with Miss Truebody as a cover, and allows Alleyn further access to the place.

It soon becomes clear that there is something not right with the place, including some very cultish behaviour and some drug taking. Alleyn’s cover is almost blown several times by people who know either him or Troy, but he gets away with it. A young Ricky (about 5 I would guess) gets kidnapped and rescued. Inspector Fox’s absence is countered by the presence of the useful Raoul, who gets involved in the denouement at the end.

Nice to have a change from New Zealand or England as a setting, even if the majority of people are English.


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