Book Review: Captain America: The Chosen by David Morrell

thechosenCaptain America: The Chosen by David Morrell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Marvel brings you a groundbreaking new vision of Captain America as you’ve never seen him, in this six-issue Marvel Knights mini-series in the vein of Spider-Man: Reign and Silver Surfer: Requiem. Steeped in the life-or-death tension of insurrectionist combat, is the young Marine Corporal James Newsom really fighting side by side with Captain America, or is it all in his mind? And is Cap actually… dying?

Multi stranded story, where Captain America lies dying. Meanwhile a Corporal in the US Army is in Afghanistan, missing his wife and the 5 month old son he’s never seen. During a patrol, when the unit are under fire Corporal Newman rescues the rest of his unit, believing that Captain America is beside him, supporting him. He only finds out later, during another rescue (which forms the main part of the book), that Captain America is telepathically talking to him, as Newman has been selected to become one of the new Captain Americas.

During his escape attempt, Captain America tells Newman of how Steve Rogers became “Cap”, why there was only one super soldier ever produced, and why he is now dying. There is also a new project being set up, for which Newman has been selected to take part.

Excellent graphics and writing, good to see a story in a modern setting, with the problems still being encountered by soldiers still in Afghanistan being included.



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