Graphic Novels – still a niche market?

After a long absence, I’ve got back into reading Graphic Novels (that’s what grownups call comics when they go over a set number of pages). The world is a far away from what I used to visit during the late 1980s.  First there’s the internet and the movies (Iron Man 3 coming out later in the year, The Avengers Assemble being a surprise good film last year, X men having done reasonably well).

Plus the story lines and the fact that some “mainstream” media are reporting on it.

Such as Batman Inc imprint killing off Robin. (Again)

The same story was reported on the “newsbeat” section of the BBC news. Interesting that most other news sources are using the Guardian for their source

Or a wider social issue, in that an inker has stepped away from a job because of the writer’s personal anti-gay views.

Meanwhile reports of Marvel having the first gay wedding.  Interesting that in most cases the matter is reported primarily by The Guardian newspaper. (The Telegraph – the sister publication of The Guardian also covers the latter). Mo other mainstream UK newspaper covers it. Is this because the Guardian readers are also comic book readers? Or because they are more likely to be pro-same-sex wedding?

Have Graphic Novels become more mainstream reading resource, or are they bringing up subjects that the media wish to take a stand on?




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