Book Review: Knight Tenebrae by Julianne Lee

ktKnight Tenebrae by Julianne Lee

Will a love forged in the past survive the future?

When a bizarre plane crash strands reporter Lindsay Pawlowski and Navy pilot Alexander MacNeil in 14th century Scotland, they soon find themselves fighting for love, honor, and perhaps the future of the human race

Received in ebook format from LibraryThing‘s March 2013 Early Reviewers from the publishers Book View Cafe.

Alex is interviewed by Lindsay, a female English journalist, after the discovery of a fighter jet too deep in the Scottish waters. When flying her home, both of them crash through a strange vortex, and find themselves in 14th Century Scotland during one of the most politically active times in the country’s history. They need to tread carefully to survive, and consider getting home somehow.

Both seem to be particularly “lucky” – Lindsay somehow has enough knowledge of Old English to get them through the first few encounters, and Alex has enough fighting experience to make him useful. The book is focussed mainly on Alex, never showing us a view on Lindsay when it’s not in relation to Alex, and we never get to see the situation from her standpoint. Alex seems to settle in well and fast, and doesnt seem to think about finding a way back to the 21st Century…..the “fairy folk” seem to be barely threatening and rarely make much of an appearance – the book seems focussed on the historical and fighting portion rather than the need to get back

There are at least 2 other books in this series, so I presume these are addressed in later books


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