Book Review: Taminy by Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff

taminy #fantasyThey said Taminy-a-Cuinn was a sorceress, and that she drowned in the Meri’s Sea seeking a station denied her by tradition and nature. One hundred years have passed and Taminy has walked out of the Sea and back into the land of the living for a purpose only she knows.

Some call this a miracle—some call it a diabolical plot. Will the truth be known before Caraid-land is torn apart?

Received in ebook format from Book View Cafe – the book can be brought here

Meridedd walked into the sea at the end of the last book (The Meri), replacing Taminy in the spirit union with the Meri.

Taminy walks out of the sea in return, and returns with Bevol and Gwen to the Osread. Meanwhile Wyth and Leal also return, having been “kissed” by the Meri, and each with doctrine changes to be made: that girls are to join the ranks of the prentices and that something is wrong in the court of the Cyne (who hasnt held court meetings in two years).

Taminy is unwilling to become a prentice, already having control of much of “the gift” – whilst she tries to gather her self confidence, one of the traditional Osraeds takes offence at her and tries to expose her as a Wicke.

The rest of the book is pretty fast paced, starting with Taminy’s trial in front of the Osraeds, through being effectively being kidnapped by the Cyne, to being manipulated and tried again in the Cyne’s court. The Cyne is trying to have her found innocent of being a Wicke, in order that he can become a king divine by sitting at her side. However, things dont go according to plan for him, and Taminy escapes again, with her followers, including the Queen and Prince.

This is a much faster paced book than the previous one, and I felt it flowed a little better (I struggled to read the previous one, I admit). The world is better formed in this one, the author has to spend less time explaining who, what and where.


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