Book Review: I’ll take Manhatten by Judith Krantz

i'll take manhattan #publishing #glitzGorgeous, flamboyant Maxi Amberville is twenty-nine and has already discarded three husbands on two continents. Life is a stream of endless pleasure in her lavish Trump Tower apartment–until her widowed mother married a man who plots to sell her father’s magazine empire. And Maxi turns her incredible lust for living into a passionate quest for power.

Maxi takes over the small weekly Buttons And Bows. She gathers her hot-blooded ex-husband, sassy daughter and a coterie of the powerful elite. Then, risking all, Maxi creates B&B –the glitziest, ritziest, most successful fashion magazine in the country. Here is a dramatic, sizzling story of love, family, ambition and one unforgettable woman who gives life and love everything she has

Maxi Amberville, another sensational heroine in another TV-miniseries-to-be-novel. Beautiful, thrice-married Maxi is independently wealthy, and flamboyantly carefree until she locks horns with her vile uncle over a matter of family honour. He would close down several unprofitable magazines in her late father’s publishing empire, but she insists on trying to rescue the sentimental underdog. Her transformation scheme is a delight. Power struggles, steamy sex, high finance, and scandal in the Big Apple provide a fascinating cast of characters with a fast-paced story line that will keep readers turning pages late into the night

Lots of money, energy, sex and business politics in the magazine world. The denouement comes a bit quick at the end, but the story doesnt suffer too much because of it


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