Book Review: Guardian of the Vision by Irene Radford

guardian of the vision

Religious wars mar the glory of the early years of Queen Elizabeth I reign.  A descendant of Merlin and King Arthur must step forward and show the world that you can put faith before politics.

The glory of the Elizabethan Age is tarnished by the continuing religious conflict begun by Henry VIII.

Griffin Kirkwood renounces his title, his lands, his love for the mysterious demon-ridden Roanna, and his magical heritage as a descendant of both King Arthur and the Merlin to become a Catholic priest in France.  His twin, Donovan (his mirror image in face and form and rarely more than a thought away) shoulders the responsibilities willingly. He agrees to two arranged-marriages, one after the other, and takes on the outward appearance of whichever religion is dominant to protect all that he loves, but without magic, or the love of his life. Together and separately the twins must fight to guide Queen Elizabeth through the intricate maze of politics and religion.  Their spiritual and magical journeys cross each other, oppose, and re-align as they battle internal demons and external threats.

Third in the “Descendants of Merlin” series, the second that I’ve read, again receiving the ebook as part of Librarything‘s Early Reviewers from Book View Cafe.

Times have progressed and England is ruled by the Catholic Mary and then the Protestant Elizabeth. There is a risk of both civil war and war with France (and Spain) as the Catholic and Protestant faiths do battle over much of Europe. Political alliances, and dictates from the Church in Rome keeps everything fluid and unstable.

Griffin and Donovan, identical twins brought up in the tradition of the Pendragon take different paths in life and are separated for many years through distrust.

Once again the stability of Britain is at stake and it takes both brothers to join forces against the Demon of Chaos, who is trying to break free from his prison in order to wreak havoc upon the world.

Not quite as strong as the first book  (Guardian of the Balance) but still is reasonable and enjoyable read


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