Book Review: Guardian of the Promise by Irene Radford

guardian of the promiseThe fourth novel in Irene Radford’s acclaimed saga of Merlin and his descendants follows the children of twin brothers Donovan and Griffin, in a magic-fueled struggle to protect Elizabethan England from enemies-both mortal and demonic.

Received as part of LibraryThing‘s Early Reviewer’s April 2012 batch, to mark this book being released as an ebook by Book View Cafe. There’s the odd markup issue where some of the text continues on as italics where perhaps it should be standard text. Nothing that spoiled the reading of the book (it took me a while to work around what was “wrong”) but it happened more than once.

Fourth in the series, this picks up 13 years after the previous book. Griffin’s daughter has grown up with her cousins and her Uncle Donovan. Elizabeth is still on the throne, and Donovan still has a passing love for Mary, Queen of Scots.

Elizabeth is being threatened by the Pope, and Philip of Spain. Closer to home, both she and the Pendragons are being threatened by Werewolves, with one of their own being turned.

Didn’t enjoy this quite as much as the previous books that I’ve read in this series. There’s a slight change in pace and format, where years go by in between chapters, people are doing things you weren’t quite expecting in places you weren’t expecting it (e.g. Hal running around half of Europe and popping up in Paris and other places – did make me wonder whether I’d missed something or chapters had been cut from either the ebook or the original). Hal’s relationship with Henri III was overplayed or his friendship with Henri IV was underplayed – I haven’t decided which.

On the whole an enjoyable book, though I’m not sure it’s the strongest in the series


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