New Slaine stories

Apropos of not much at all I was doing a general search for “Simon Bisley”, as I hadnt seen him much in the market recently, and he was/is one of my favourite comic artists

It was therefore exciting to come across this interview in Comic Book Resources, which contains the following paragraphs:

It’s the 30th anniversary of “Slaine” this year, that’s right! He’s one of our most popular characters, so to celebrate in “2000 AD,” this August we’re starting a new series in which artists from the past of “Slaine” return for one-off stories. It’s called “The Book of Scars.” We have Mick McMahon, Glen Fabry, Simon Bisley and Clint Langley on it, Clint being the most recent artist to work on “Slaine” before this. Clint is going to frame the stories that are drawn by the others, and it’s all written by Pat Mills.

It’s absolutely fantastic to get Mick, Glen and Simon drawing “Slaine” again. “Sky Chariots,” which was Mick’s magnum opus back in the 80s, was a defining moment in “Slaine’s” history. Glen’s work on “Slaine” was just exquisite, too. And, of course, you’ve got Simon Bisley’s “The Horned God,” which is not only one of the greatest moments in “2000 AD” history, it’s also the story that changed comic books forever. It completely revolutionized the way that comics were drawn. It sparked the fully painted crazy and the impact of “Slaine: The Horned God” continues to this day. So for him to come back and draw for “2000 AD,” to draw “Slaine” again, is a real special moment. To celebrate 30 years of “Slaine” is great. I think “Slaine” is Pat Mills’ greatest creation.

Rather than obtaining otherwise copyrighted work onto this post, I’ll send you off into the Googleverse to find him (I suggest starting here). I’ve just had a twitter-conversation with 2000AD and have confirmed that “Assuming it’s all finished in time, then yes” yes, that’s right! New Slaine! By Pat Mills! New Simon Bisley work! Huzzah!

I have to agree about the way Simon Bisley and the way he drew/painted “The Horned God”. I think it is his representation (rather than, say, Glen Fabrey’s representation) that pulled me most into the Comic Book Universe the first time round. There’s a certain sleekness and clarity and colouring about his work that is instantly recognisable (I like to think I can spot his work a mile off, but I could be wrong). Didnt hurt that many of the previous Slaine incarnations had been in black and white…and then we get to Bisley’s delivery and…well!

Seeing how different artists rendered the same character written by the same writer made me realise there was more to the Graphic Novel/Comics than myself previously realised. I realised that the comic world had “personalities” beyond their creations just like any other genre, and that the comic world wasnt just about “Superman” or “WonderWoman” as an entity but also who wrote, pencilled, inked them and this can be a matter of great debate between those who follow these things. As an aside there is an episode of The Big Bang Theory (series 6 I think) where the boys are taking a weekend trip to a ComicCon and they return to find their girlfriends arguing about the minutiae of certain comic (e.g. can Red Hulk *really* lift Thor’s Hammer on his own?).


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