Book Review: Wrong Man, Right Kiss by Red Garnier

wrong man right kiss #romance #harlequinWhat happens when the masks come off? When one of the supersexy Gage brothers blows Molly Devaney away with a scorching kiss at a masquerade ball, she thinks she’s met her soul mate. But why does her masked seducer act as if she doesn’t exist the next day? To win him over, she’ll make him jealous, so she turns to his brother Julian Gage, who offers to play the role of her lover.

But Julian is playing for keeps. There’s nothing fake about the way this woman makes him feel, and now he’s going to show her just which Gage brother is right for her….

Given to me in ebook format via

Slight downside with this ebook edition in that the text was very small and with no way (whilst reading on a kobo at least) to increase the text size or spacing to anything more comfortable. Was easier to read on a laptop using ADE’s magnifier.

Shortish book and it takes approximately half the time for Molly to realise that Garrett isn’t the man for her, and that it has always been Julian.

There is the mandatory finding each other, then losing each other only to get each other again.

Meanwhile there is some very sexy scenes and some tear inducing ones. Whilst a standalone book, I can tell it’s part not the first in the series. You don’t really suffer but there are some small things. For example, coming in cold to these characters, it’s a bit unbelievable that Molly would so quickly try and make a play for Garrett (by making him jealous), and why Garrett seems so unresponsive, but once the dynamic gets to Julian and Molly, which makes it all the more better. There is a follow up book with Molly’s sister Kate and, I suspect, Garrett.

I would happily read other books in this series, and by this author


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