Reading Summary – June 2013

Have just done a check of the books I read during June and it seems that I read 12. This was helped in no small part by having a week’s holidays, where I was able to read approx a book a day. The majority of books are from and have tried to schedule the reviews for close to the publication date, so there will be some that you wont see for a while!

The list is as follows:

Death at the bar by Ngaio Marsh
Daysider by Susan Krinard
The Panopticon by Jenni Fagan
Come Undone by Jessica Hawkins
The Mourning Hours by Paula Treick DeBoard
He Belongs to me by Theresa Rizzo
The Trouble with being wicked by Emma Locke
Knight’s Lady by Julianne Lee
The Road Home by Patrick E Craig
Batman: The Dark Night Series by Frank Millar
Sisterland by Curtis Sittenfeld
Hide’N Go Seek by Dale Mayer

As mentioned in a previous post, July will be used to go someway to reading paperbooks by already established authors. This was initiated due to the arrival of the new Neil Gaiman book (Ocean at the end of the Lane), along with the new Terry Pratchett/Stephen Baxter book (The Long War), where I havent read the previous book (The Long Earth) in the series!

I was also in a bookshop on the weekend, and spotted one of several Debbie Macomber books have been released. I picked up what seems to be latest in the Blossom Street series (Starting Now), which was released in hardback late last year, and I picked it up in paperback. I managed to avoid also picking up the “Dakota…” series, as I have just to many to books to read. I also have a christmas Macomber to read, as a galley, but am saving that till later in the year.


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