Book Review: Credara by J.E. Henderson

credaraCredara by J.E. Henderson

Book one of The Credara Trilogy, a story of the ultimate good -vs- the ultimate evil. After the Kraylen, fallen angels cast out of Heaven after the Great War, rise up against God and mankind for revenge, a reluctant young monk learns that not only is he God’s chosen warrior, but discovers that the leader of the Kraylen uprising brutally murdered his entire family during his youth. Now, he must grow beyond his seething anger and his desire for vengeance and into the warrior he was destined to be. While harnessing the immense power of the Credara, he must lead a Godly army to defeat God’s purest enemy, and save mankind from a fate worse than death

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This book has a good premise and started well, with the fall of Lucifer into Hell and the banishment of the Kraylen to earth from Heaven. The life within the monastery for the young Agean was also good. It was when Agean went out searching for the other members of his army that I became aware and then distracted and finally annoyed by the writing style and have chosen several short passages to illustrate.

Agean and Gajir bowed respectfully to the Kings, looked at each other, then turned their horses, and began galloping full stride to Quilin. The Kings watched as they rode away. Agean and Gajir made it back to Quilin. “What happened?” asked Quilin.

And then…..

In the sky above the waterfall sat a cloud formation with an incredibly beautiful flow of light bursting through it and beaming directly onto the flowing falls. A huge beautiful crystal formation formated an alter. A golden path led directly to it…….On this occasion, a woman walked the golden path, reaching the alter.  As she stood she held her arms out wide and high as a bright sparkling light appeared from the cloud formation. Then, all at once, beautiful white wings formed upon her back. She then lowered and clasped her hands in front of her. Then suddenly, she was lifted off the alter and began floating across the opening, her wings moving ever so beautifully

That many “beautiful”s in that short a space of narrative shows, to me, a lack of at least a Thesaurus…..piercing. stunning, devastating, brilliant, awe-inspiring, uplifting, heavenly, thunderous, graceful, forceful, left them struck silent with awe – all could easily have been used instead.

I believe this is the start of a trilogy. Even now I can see that Quilin and Istya are geared up to fall in love. Unfortunately I found the passages a little too short to be anything but large signposts for what comes later.  There were many “And three days later this short scene happens”. Some of these scenes could have been expanded out to develop the characters and their relationships, especially Quilin and Istya, in order for the reader to develop some deeper empathy for what will surely come later. If the author could have spent as much time on his characters as he did on the weapons they carried (which were rather good i’ll happily give him that) I think I would have given a much stronger review.

So this is a story with promise that started well that could have done with being a tad longer with more description and character development. I appreciate that much of my negative review is based on my preferences in writing style and I hope that by giving examples above,  others can make their own judgement as to whether they will like this style or not.


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