Shopping for books

Another challenge prompt from goodbooksandgoodwine website.

Describe how you shop for books

A large majority of the books I read I dont actually buy – they are a mix of galleys/ARCs, and books that I have picked up during bookcrossing meetings.

I have a rather extensive wishlist, hosted on Bookcrossing, and I get a reasonable amount of books off the list each year, this is a mix of birthday/Christmas presents and general RABACKs.
This wishlist is built up from books that I see during the year on sites such as Librarything and Goodreads that take my fancy. I also do haunt the local Waterstones and spot books that I want (but not *right now*) and these get added to the wishlist. This isnt because I dont want to buy a copy from a bookshop, it’s more that I have loads of books already and dont need to be adding another one to the pile that I wont be reading for a while.

That’s not to say I dont buy from my wishlist – I do! For my last birthday I received a stupid amount if book gift vouchers, and spent a happy few hours trawling round one of my local Waterstones (I have two), with my wishlist, picking up books I would never have brought for myself otherwise.

There are some books however that I want to have in my possession sooner rather than later, normally because it’s one of my favourite writers and I want the hardback copy not to be in bookcrossing. I do my best to avoid buying from Amazon, and again will make use of Waterstones, who do free delivery both to home and the local shop – it’s one way of supporting the nearest thing we have to an independent bookshop.

There is also the attending at local author events – either at a bookshop or at the local events run by Birmingham Jewellery Quarter Bookwormers Group each month. Must admit I dont always buy books at the latter, but do try and support both the group and the author (by attending, interacting with the writer, and buying a book if I feel interested enough to read and provide a reasonable feedback).

ETA: My friend Ali has written a post on a very similar topic, which can be found here. Please visit her site and feel free to comment on either post!


One thought on “Shopping for books

  1. Interesting post. I have trouble avoiding Amazon as I seem to get lots of vouchers from the and want to make sure I use them up so they don’t make extra money – but I find myself buying 2nd hand a lot from there to make the pennies stretch further – not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. I get a lot from the local Works which sits there evilly on the High St, tempting me in, as do the multiple charity shops just a five minute walk from my house … And of course when I find an independent book shop I go a bit mad, as on my last holiday.


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