Fighting Blogger Fatigue

Another challenge prompt from goodbooksandgoodwine challenge

How do you fight blogger fatigue?

It’s a mix of reader and blogger fatigue – after a heavy phase of reading, once in a while I need to sit back and relax for a while and do something else. I watch the TV, do a little sewing (my other hobby), do the things I haven’t done whilst I’ve been reading – like the ironing! I read things other than books and other blogs – I subscribe to several monthly magazines and try to set sometime aside to spend more time paying attention to those – I’ve spent money on them, so I better make sure I’m getting my money’s worth!

I am also trying to attend more local author events – many of these are in the day time whilst I am at work, but where they are held in the evening or weekend, I’m making more of an effort to go.

I know that I’ve got a load of posts scheduled into my blog that means I dont have to write another blog post for a while. This break from blogging (and reading) means that I can come back recharged with energy and hopefully write better posts.

I am also on the lookout for new writing challenges and different ways of reviewing and blogging to keep myself interested. If I’m interested and charged up, then hopefully my readers are also interested in what I have to say! This is one of the reasons that I’m taking part in this challenge (albeit not to the same time scales as envisioned in the original challenge because I have other commitments to deliver posts).

So do you get reader or blogger fatigue? What do you do to recover from it?

4 thoughts on “Fighting Blogger Fatigue

  1. Because I primarily blog for business reasons, I find it easy enough to force myself to write posts if I am running out of them. I do tend to do lots at a time when the writing bug hits me, and schedule them in. I do get behind with my reading ones but try to remind myself that they are part of my “this is my new freelance life” blog so people are interested in what I’m writing.
    I did have a phase where I thought no one was reading my book review blog posts. Made a small fuss about it and discovered lots of people were reading via blog readers and email subscriptions, which don’t show up on the statistics!


  2. Thanks, your point about stats and readers means I do *try* to put a comment on some of your posts (or via twitter) if I think i have something to say, so you dont feel you’re posting into the void.

    Can I admit that I’ve read perhaps 10 pages of a book since Thursday? It’s the end of the world etc, and I feel fine!


  3. Sometimes it appears that blogging is ruling my life. When this happens I will turn off the computer, read a book wholly unrelated to what I have been blogging about, go for a walk with my dog or schedule a drink with a friend. Blogging should be fun and once it starts to become a complete and utter chore it is time to take a break from it.


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