Book Related Confessions

A variation on another challenge prompt from goodbooksandgoodwine website.

Make 11 book related confessions

  1. If I take in no more books, I still have more books than I can read in several years on my shelves, waiting to be read
  2. I used to have more, before my friends did an intervention and took whole boxes away
  3. For all the books I’ve ever had, I can honestly say I’ve only had a few duplicates in my possession.  The number of books I’ve picked up, whilst already having a copy, can be counted on one hand. 
  4. I suspect that 2013 will be a year that at least 50% of the books I read will be galleys/ARCs for books that hadnt been published when I read them
  5. 95% of the books I will read in 2013 I wont have paid money for (I’ll have gained them legally, mind!)
  6. I rarely remember “whodunnit?”
  7. I cant read the text and listen to it being read at the same time – I know people who claim they can.
  8. I usually read books in silence – can only occasionally listen to music.
  9. I have a large collection of bookmarks, usually picked up from bookstores, and use them.  I havent turned a page corner down in years. Some are now so ragged I should really throw them out.
  10. I havent read the last Harry Potter
  11. I sometimes read the last page of a book before I’m even half way through the book

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