Longlists – do you follow

The recent publication of the Man Booker Longlist has lead me to ask: how religiously do you follow long or short lists for these prizes?  Do you know when each prize is due to be announced or do you go: “didnt they announce the winner the other week?” (thinking of the longlist or a completely different prize).

I know that some people will follow one or more prize, and will attempt to read the winner, short list and/or long list. I dont pick up a book purely because it is a prize winner – I pick them up because I think I might like it. I’ve picked up Wolf Hall as an Audible audiobook, not because it was a prize winner, but because I’ve heard other people recommending the audiobook and the narrator in particular.  Still havent managed to listen to it – it’s long and I have other books to get through – but it’ll happen sooner or later!

And no, I dont follow the dates of when the prizes are to be announced.

So, how religiously do you follow long or short lists for these prizes?





2 thoughts on “Longlists – do you follow

  1. I never used to follow long, shortlists or winners…until I started working in an Independent bookshop. And then I realised that a lot of people DO follow these lists and it kind of become part of my job description to be the the one to stay on top of this stuff.
    And I kind of got interested in it. It has become a kind of game – how many of the lists can I predict? can I pick the winner? what is my favourite?
    And yes, the dates for announcements and shortlists are penciled into my work diary!


    • I dont work in a bookshop and I have so many books to read at the moment, I dont have time to consider adding long or short lists to the pile! But doing it for work is different……


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