Book Review: Deeds of Men by Marie Brennan

deedsofmanLONDON, 1625. A young gentleman lies murdered in a Coldharbour alley. Before his death, he uncovered secrets that could threaten the mortal world above and the faerie world below. Now, to find the murderer and protect both realms, Sir Michael Deven will need the help of a man with reason to hate the fae of the Onyx Court — the victim’s own brother.

Received from the publishers Book View Cafe in ebook format via the Librarything Early Reviewers July 2013 Batch .

Also known in some parts as “Onyx Court #1.5” this is a short novella residing between two books, and set directly after the book “Midnight Never Come”. However, being an “inbetweener” book is not a bad thing (for those used to Fae worlds).

Sitting between the two worlds Sir Michael is has been grooming his successor for the fairy world, only to find him lying dead at the beginning of this story. The narrative switches between several diffrent years before, during and after the murder as he works to investigate the murder and time is of the essence. With his influence waning in the Human Court, Michael needs to find out who killed whom and why before it’s all too late and also identify his replacement successor.

As a novella, in depth characterisations and detailed motives are not for this book.   However, it’s a good introduction to the series, and I will be keeping an eye out for other books in this series!


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