Book Review: Old Boyfriends by Debbie Macomber


At 50, Susannah Nelson finds herself regretting the paths not taken. Returning home to care for her mother, she discovers things aren’t always what they once seemed, but, some gardens remain beautiful.

Read slightly out of sequence – it’s not a “true” Blossom Street story, but introduces characters who turn up in other, later Blossom Street stories.

Susannah (this is known as “Susannah’s Garden” in the US) is a 50 year old woman, married with two kids, who has just finished another year teaching and is feeling restless and depressed. Her ageing mother is a source of concern, and she travels back to her home town to make some difficult decisions, including searching for her Old Boyfriend Jake

There’s a couple of situations that seem to be purely plot devices – the girl’s night out anyone? – and it was a little predictable, but on the whole this is an enjoyable story that adds to the Blossom Street canon.  Macomber does have a skill for writing books that centre on the older woman as a main character, and what it’s like to go it alone a second time


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