Book Review: Fugitive Bride by Miranda Lee

brideFugitive Bride by Miranda Lee
Leah was young and innocent when she married Gerard Woodward. The perfect candidate to be seduced by his charm and ambition. Until one night she learned the truth about her husband. Leah fled, fearing that Gerard would do everything to find her and still she would fall back into his arms.

Six months later, Leah’s worst fear is realised, when she meets her handsome husband again. Only he says he’s not Gerard, but Gareth Woodward, Gerard’s identical twin brother!

Standard Mills and Boon fare, which I completed in an afternoon.

He: career driven man, viewing marriage as a business transaction

She: naive 19year old, who after 9 months of marriage, gets a rude awakening as to how her husband sees marriage, and escapes.

6 months later, and his previously unknown – and completely different – identical twin brother hires the boat she is working on and she falls in love/lust again. Only to find out the truth….


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