What makes you decide to buy a book?

This was a question posed on the Booksnob blog, by the guest poster Mary Losure that I thought I would share with yourselves.

As part of a longer post (with an associated book giveaway), Mary asks two fundamental questions

What, that you have read online, makes you decide buy a book?


Does a book trailer ever get you to buy a book?

My answers to both questions are as follows:

I often take part in Librarything‘s monthly Early Reviewer piece and where I don’t know the author, I go purely on the blurb provided. Where a second or third book from the same author appears in a subsequent batch (and I’ve liked the previous books), I put my name forward for that.

I have previously taken part in Goodreads giveaways (similar selection process to the above) but dont anymore as I only received perhaps 1 out of every 30 books I put my name down for. In the end I simply wasn’t getting results anywhere near the effort I was putting in considering and then putting my name forward

I am a netgalley reader, and put my name down for pre-release books there, again based primarily on the blurb. I rarely know much about the author.

My friends who use bookcrossing recommend books to me, will send me a book that I’ve currently got listed on my wishlist, or I pick up a book based on the blurb on the back at one of our monthly meetings.

Publishers, and some authors contact me via twitter (@brumnordie) or my blog (https://nordie.wordpress.com) and ask me to review a specific book.

Then there are those books I pick up from authors or publishers I have been reading for years (Terry Pratchett, Jasper Fforde, Neil Gaiman, Jonathon Kellerman, Persephone publishers etc) that  will pick up because I like their work and want to read their next in a series.

I don’t watch trailers. Like vlogging, it’s not something I go searching for and I didnt even know it was an option! It certainly doesn’t influence my buying behaviour. If I find a writer’s blog or twitter, it’s usually AFTER I’ve read the book, and if I’ve written a good review, I let them know and thank them

I follow book bloggers and see what other people are reading then blogging/tweeting about. Sometimes I’ll add a book to a wishlist but it needs to be a good promote – i have so many books to read at the moment, I dont have much space to take on more books!

So it’s the blurb (maybe the cover as well), followed by recommendations from people I know. My advice: write the best book possible, get good blurb written and then get people reading/talking about it! (everything else is just *stuff*)

So, how do you decide which books to buy?


4 thoughts on “What makes you decide to buy a book?

  1. I buy books based on the cover and synopsis. Sometimes great reviews or recommendations also influence me. I don’t really look for book trailers either. I only watch them when I come across them, but I’m not fond of book trailers that only put words, pictures, and music together. I don’t see the point in those. I think it’s better if they use actual video shots or cartoons or something like that. The pictures+words+music doesn’t really catch my attention.


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