Book Review: The Eighty-Minute Hour: A Space Opera by Brian Aldiss

eightyminutehourThe Eighty-Minute Hour: A Space Opera by Brian W. Aldiss

Brian Aldiss’ highly inventive space opera is a mind-expanding range of songs and science that takes us, twisting and turning, through a cornucopia of intergalactic merriment and melodrama. Eccentric characters burst into full-throated song with each meandering plot.

I found this book to be really poor and was a “Did not complete”. Overwhelming in the attempt to make the world so different it seemed to be an exercise in “how to alienate your reader”. Few words seemed to be proper non-made-up word in English and all I took away from the book before I abandoned it was a need to put as many made up words down on page as possible, whether the resulting mess made any sense or not.

Aldiss did not present the reader with anything they can grasp hold to in order to follow the narrative – in fact I’m still not entirely sure what the narrative was supposed to be.

Not worth my time in continuing, so I abandoned quite early on.  Have looked at some other reviews, and most are pretty much of a like mind (although some have given it a higher, 3 star rating).  There is some concern that Aldiss was on his own personal “trip” at the time of writing….


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