Blog Prompt: Are you a monogamous reader?

Most of the time I will have one book on the go at a time.  It makes it easier for me to be “in” the book, not be distracted with other  books or story lines, and was a concious effort to slow my reading down a little.

Sometimes I will have more than one book on the go at a time and this will be for a variety of reasons.

Sometimes it will be one in the handbag for reading on the bus, during lunch, grabbing a quick cuppa whilst out shopping, with the other book safely at home waiting to be picked up.  This second book will have to be a different genre to the first one – Sci-fi vs Historical Fiction or Romance for example. Or it could be a massive tome (e.g. a Ken Follett) which will never fit in the handbag and which will need a good long run at reading a chapter.

Sometimes it will be because I’ve got to a point in book 1 where I need a quick distraction into another book to give me a quick boot up the back end to get me back into book 1. Or it might simply prove that I need to discard book 1 as a lost cause if I find myself not wanting to go back to it.

If I catch myself reading book 3, then one of these needs to be short. A novella or graphic novel for example, one that can be read in a short spurt (e.g. the bath) where a larger book just isnt worth it.

So what about you, dear reader? How many books can you have on the go at the same time?


8 thoughts on “Blog Prompt: Are you a monogamous reader?

  1. I read just one at a time. I’ve always felt that as the author spent a lot of time and effort writing the book I “owed” them my attention when I read it. Having two different books going takes away from the experience for me.


    • I have changed my reading habits to make me slow down and appreciate the book, rather than the need to race through a book in order to complete some arbitary goal I’ve set myself – partly so I can give the book my attention!


  2. Ooh dear, I’m a real flibbertigibbet! But the books have to be on different topics or in different genres. I usually have a mealtime and possibly evening book, which might be a nicer edition or hardback that doesn’t want to be banging around in my handbag. Then I have a handbag / gym book (paperback, usually fiction) that doesn’t mind rougher treatment. At the moment I have …

    Anthony Powell’s Dance to the Music of Time – a sort of background book as I’m reading it along with Matthew and our friend Linda. He reads the audiobook and marks where he’s got up to in my book, I have a great gulp of it when I can.

    Iris Murdoch – Texts and Contexts – to inspire me in my research – this is good bus reading as it’s short chapters

    Vita Sackville-West’s Family History – a nice edition which is spending dinner and bedtimes with me at the moment.

    That’s pretty representative.


    • This is possibly why tou get through more books than I do. I couldnt possibly have a book that I leave aside for weeks on end e.g. the Powell book – I’d have to try and read it in, say, two weeks, otherwise I would have forgotten where i was and have to start again!


  3. For me, in the past, if I’ve read two at a time, I’ve had to have one fiction and one nonfiction. I’m still trying to figure out what to do with short stories. Hmmmm. Maybe in between books, a short story or two? I don’t know. There’s a puzzler. 🙂 Oh, and thanks for using “my” idea…which is a common one for book bloggers in how they juggle all the books for reviews, tours, etc.


    • It was your post that inspired my post, so only fair that I gave you credit! Havent seen that topic anywhere else recent, so as far as I’m concerned it’s a new topic.

      And as for short stories etc….same as magazines and for use as bathroom fodder? 🙂


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