Book Review: The Take by Graham Hurley

thetakeThe Take by Graham Hurley

For DI Joe Faraday, the funeral of a young colleague, killed in a head-on car crash, is a bitter end to another grim week. And now the seemingly untouchable Detective Paul Winter, master of the scam, has been hurt in a way he could never have imagined. But there’s no time for grief in a CID squad. A disgraced gynaecologist is missing, and his caseload of maimed women is a murder-suspect list from hell. It’s an impossible workload, and if that wasn’t enough, the politicians and the suits are about to make Faraday’s life even harder

Second Faraday book (Turnstone being the first), this is an easy read, although I’m still uncertain about this series. Whilst labelled as a “Faraday” book (and who is becoming an interesting and enjoyable character), the book gives as much attention to Paul Winter, the police man happy, willing and able to go out on his own for days on end with no recourse as to what he’s been doing and how he has got the results he has.

There are multiple stories going along and some are given so little relevance (Vanessa’s absence from the office could have been explained away by her getting married, rather than murdered in an RTA), and sometimes I wonder why Hurley bothered on some plot lines, when focus could have been placed on the bigger stories.


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