Lost in Books: Sunday Salon: Reading as a Solitary AND a Social Activity

Becca, Over at Lost in Books recently posted in her : Sunday Salon about Reading as a Solitary AND a Social Activity.

In her post she explains:

For me, the joy and pleasure I derive from reading comes not from just the solitary experience, but also the shared experience.  I love curling up by myself in my big semi-comfy armchair with a blanket and one of the cats and just falling into the pages of Whitman or Austen or Rowling, but I also love that when I want to, I can come and bug all of you with how much I loved (or sometimes didn’t love) the story.
I can dissect with you the major plot points, the character’s positives and negatives, and whether the author uses metaphors brilliantly or has an urgent need for a thesaurus in his life.

And then follows with the following questions

What about you?  
Do you find that sharing your love of books makes you happier?  
Are you naturally introverted and this is a way to socialize for you while sharing an interest?  
Are you naturally extroverted and this is a way to make reading feel less lonely?  

How has the world of blogging and social media affected your reading habits?

I am a natural introvert but reading has lead me to meet some wonderful people over the years, many of whom I would now call friends.

Blogging has meant that I pay more attention to the books I reaf and the posts I write, even if it means I read more slowly. Reviews written previous to blogging have been frequently poor, so that I – never mind anyone who reads my posts – have a clue what the book is about or what I thought about it.

Social Media has changed my reading habits, in that I now interact with publishers and writers more frequently than I ever thought possible before, and occasionally get books to read ahead of publication. I in turn try to provide an appropriate review for the book, and hope these are of some use to the author.  I also interact with my local bookstores more often, resulting in me supporting them more (either by actually buying a book from their store or simply interacting with them on twitter/facebook)


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