Author Interview and Giveaway: “Lie” by Rathan Krueger

“Lie” by Rathan Krueger

On the surface, “Lie” is about a group of four women who go on a getaway to a cottage to help one of their own through a life-changing problem.
Underneath the bridge, “Lie” is an attack on bland female characters in modern fiction.

Wherever you look, it’ll be a lot of fun.

I’ve recently been talking to Rathan, and he has kindly answered some questions and offered ebook copies of his book.

Hi, please introduce yourself
My name’s Rathan Krueger and I’m a film addict who’s trying to make his first film. Until then, I’ll be writing novels and eating crackers.

Tell us about your book, where and when is it set, what’s it about?

“Lie” is set in modern times, in a cottage estate, Dragonspire, near the fictional English town of Edithshire. It’s a surreal dramedy about four women who go to Dragonspire to help one of their own through a life-changing decision.

Your lead characters in this story are women – why did you choose a group of women instead of men, or a mix?

I feel that female characters these days haven’t been represented well. They’re more character types than actual people. I wanted to read something with women in it who’re like the women I’ve known and know. Men and women aren’t as different as the world would like everyone to believe, as I’ve found out throughout my life, so I wanted to tear down that wall. I didn’t want there to be a mix of men and women because the story didn’t want men. The kind of story that “Lie” is doesn’t lend itself well to there being a male character running around. However, it’s not a magical story where males don’t exist. They’re referred to and a few things are caused by men, good and bad, but the  goils of “Lie” didn’t need ’em around.

Is there anything you would like people to take away from your book?

I’d like them to see what I see about women: that they’re not so different from men. That they can be as strong, weak, and naughty as men can. And that they’ll enjoy at least some of the songs that get “played” throughout “Lie”.

Are you with a traditional publishing company or self published? Do you have anything else published?

I’m self-published, for better or worse. “Lie” is too original for publishing companies to want it. None of the women need saving, for one, and I don’t want it adapted for film.  There was a time when I wanted to make it a film, but that was because I didn’t think to write it as a novel yet. I also have this radical idea that since the publisher can’t exist without the author and the author can’t exist without the publisher, that the profits should be split down the middle. I feel that way about all art… which is probably why I’ll be a cottage industry.

How have you found the experience, from writing to getting the book out there?

It’s been… I wouldn’t say “humbling” because I knew what I was getting into by deciding to self-publish. But it has refined my ability to appreciate the little things like the responses I’ve gotten so far, rare as they may be. They’ve started picking up and I’ve had a major development recently so the experience has been what I expected it to be.

Of course, I’d like things to happen a little quicker but c’est la vie.

Would you recommend it to anyone else?

Yes, I’d recommend it to everyone. To women because I want them to see that someone out there wants them to be more than the girlfriend, the hag, or the lipstick lesbian. To men because I want them to see women as more than the girlfriend, the hag, or the lipstick lesbian.

What’s next on the horizon for you?

I’m preparing another novel, about two gals who decide to make a comic book together that’s also a critique on nostalgia. And yes, there’ll be men.

Giveaway details

Up to 8 copies of this book are available in ebook format only and is available to both Europe and North American readers.

If you wish to be considered for this book please leave a comment below (ensure your email address is included somewhere) and I will choose the winners on 14.12.2013. I will then put you in contact with Rathan to get your copy.

If you wish to purchase a copy of this book, here is the link

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