Blog Prompt: Replies on comments?

I’ve recently found some blog prompts over at coffee addicted writer. Despite being out of the meme schedule, I’ve decided to answer some of the prompts as I’ve found them rather interesting.  I’ve decided to answer two questions with this post as I think the two are very much related

Do you request notifications of new replies when you post a comment on a blog post?
Do you reply to comments on your blog or do you figure folks won’t be stopping back to read your reply so you don’t bother?

I dont always comment on someone else’s post, and when I do, I dont always request a notification of reply. I do when I think the post is interesting enough that I want to read what other comments are out there are saying, or if I’ve posed a question to the author and hope for some kind of reply so we can continue a conversation.

Sometimes I’ve written all I’ve meant to say on the subject and dont envisage any further correspondence on the subject.

In terms of replying to comments on my own blog I try and respond to comments, in an effort to engage with the people who have had enough to say to leave a comment.  Some people who post comments do subscribe to my blog, so I suspect will be back, some I hope will come back if they think the interaction is interesting enough


5 thoughts on “Blog Prompt: Replies on comments?

  1. I usually add blogs I like reading to my Feedly blog aggregator. Then I mark posts I’ve commented on and look out for replies. I don’t like subscribing to comments because it always seems to be other people’s comments and not the blogger’s replies to my own that I get sent. I try to always respond to comments on my own blog, as if someone bothers to comment, I think it’s polite to respond, even just to say thank you.


    • It’s a double edged sword – you get other people’s comments to the post too, which you may or may not want. However, it does let you get in contact with other people who are reading the same posts by the same people and they may be interesting to talk to!


      • True – but I do tend to scan those, too, when I save posts. I just prefer to read them when I want to, not when an email pings in. Added to that, if I post as my Google or WordPress self, the alert will come in to my work email, which is a bit distracting!


  2. Interesting question. What I like with WP is that it notify you automaticly when logged in if someone has responded to your comment (if made on another WP-blog post, just like this one). Then I don’t usually subscribe to comments, only if there’s a discussion or bloghop going on that I want to participate more in. I also like that I don’t have to click over to that particular blog to answer again/continue the conversation.
    With other templates, I sometimes subscribe. Mostly for the same reason but also if I know that the person usually respond to comments.
    And regarding my own blog it also depends, if I have something to add, say thank you for or ask about I respond. But I don’t think it is necessary just for the sake of it.


    • thanks!

      Not that you mentioned it, but I recommend checking out “coffee addicted writer” if you’re looking for blog prompts (link in the original post). She has gathered some interesting questions if you’re on the search for new topics to write on. More posts from me are on their way!


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