Blog Prompt: Adding blog content

I’ve recently found some blog prompts over at Coffee Addicted Writer blog. Despite being out of the meme schedule, I’ve decided to answer some of the prompts as I’ve found them rather interesting

What is your favourite electronic device to use to add posts and content to your blog? Example: Your phone, your computer, your iPad, or another device?

I add posts and cntent using a laptop, usually straight into the wordpress interface. I’m old fashioned and find it easier using a mouse and keyboard in order to type, cut and paste, format, add links etc.  I simply dont have the same control using an ipad!  I have the opportunity to post via email, but I’m not convinced that the formatting I wish would be maintained via the email interface, so it’s not something i often use. However, I’ve recently found that the formatting interface for WordPress, especially when it comes to pictures, doesn’t render posts like I would like it to, so it’s a tad frustrating (I have to write posts the way WordPress will allow, not how I want them to look!)

Using the laptop also allows me to identify content on the net and add it as a draft post using the “press this” function available via wordpress and added to the browser bookmarks. I haven’t found out if or how this can be down via my ipad.

How do you do the majority of your blogging?


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