Book Review: Lonely This Christmas by Krissie LaBaye

lonelyChristmas 1974, Judy found her first true love and she thought it would never end. One minute they were planning their future together, and then he was gone.

One fateful event outside of their control totally changed the course of their lives.

Christmas 2012, when she hears their favorite Christmas song, it brings back memories of high school and the moment their love began. Now, Judy decides the time is right to attend this year’s Christmas High School reunion.

Will the reunion give Judy the chance to see her first love again?

Will he remember her in the same way that she remembers him?

Will she find answers as to why they went their separate ways?

Will Judy be Lonely This Christmas?

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Shortish book about a middle aged widow, who whilst working in the local department store, hears “her song” on the store’s sound system.  This makes her reminisce about the time in the 1970s when she was still at school, and her first true love, who dumped her to go around the world. In the next few weeks, she gets invited to the school christmas reunion and is persuaded to go by her best friend Elaine.  There she runs into Ian again and it gives them the opportuninty to catch up and maybe answer some questions.

This was primarily about Judy, so apart from the odd appearance of people like Elaine and Ian (with a brief appearance from Judy’s daughter on the phone) there are few supporting characters. On the whole it’s decently written, formatted and presented – there’s a couple of sentances where I thought “I wouldnt have written it that way”, but on further reflection, I couldnt think of how it could be written differently/or better, so I think it’s just a case of a difference in preferred writing styles.

It’s good to see that romances that are not just written about the young, rich,  skinny and beautiul people and that sometimes romance can come a second time around for those that have loved before.  Characters were generally sympathetic


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