Book Review: Marvel 1602: Spider-Man by Jeff Parker

Marvel 1602: spider-manA return to the acclaimed universe created by Neil Gaiman and Andy Kubert kicks off as The Spider has reached manhood in the New World The young nation has grown peacefully, but Norman Osbourne’s treachery finds a way to spoil the peace and put Peter’s life on a new course – back to Europe. Jeff Parker [Agents of Atlas] joins artist Ramon Rosanas to begin the final story of the 1602 saga Collects Spider-Man 1602 #1-5

An offshoot of the Marvel 1602 world set up by Neil Gaiman. All the Marvel stablemates appear in a new world setting.

Peter Parquah is all grown up as a “witchbreed” in America. Osborne commits crimes and is sent back to England to be tried, and Peter is sent on the same boat to keep an eye on him.

Meanwhile some natural philosophers (including Octavious) have been experimenting with Witchbreed blood in order to make them superhuman but things run afoul resulting in a battle in the streets.

As usual, it takes a while to work out who everyone is in “real” life, especially if you’re not a regular visitor to the Marvel multiverse.

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