Book Review: A Gift for Lara by S. G. Rogers

giftforlaraCan the spirit of Christmas mend two broken hearts?

Lara Robinson wrote a love letter four years ago, but received no reply. Now the man to whom she gave her heart will visit Blythe Manor for Christmas. How can she enjoy the holidays knowing Miles Greystoke must despise her for revealing her feelings in such an unguarded fashion?

As an awkward youth, Miles fell in love with a kindred spirit…but his love was unrequited. Against his wishes, he’s now obliged to spend the holidays at Blythe Manor. Time has wrought changes in his physique, but his devotion to Lara Robinson has never wavered. He searches for the perfect present to show her how he feels, but nothing seems quite right…until he realizes the best sort of gift will embrace the true meaning of Christmas.

A Victorian Christmas short story

 Picked up as a free ebook via for a quick Christmas read.

Lots of misunderstandings of young love, brought together again over Christmas 4 years later, when they are still smarting from what happened the last time they met.  Jealous younger sisters, older unwanted suitors, the promise of a season in London, Christmas babies arriving early and all coming well in the end.  Pushing believability slightly with the Lords of the Manor being present at the birth, and having the staff’s children staying in the house over Christmas, but if that can be looked over, then it’s a quick inoffensive read of love being found over Christmas


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