Book Review: In the Still of the Night by Charlotte Lamb

stillnight In the Still of the Night by Charlotte Lamb

Annie Lang, star of the top TV police drama The Force, is a character known and loved by millions. But in the real world, the actress with the innocent face harbours her own terrible secret. Why do those who get close to Annie have a habit of dying-suddenly and violently-in the still of the night? Two very different men dominated Annie’s past. Both vanished nearly eight years ago. Since then ambition has driven Annie to the top, and she has everything she has ever wanted except the one thing she would trade it all for-love. And then one day love began to stalk her

Annie Lang is a famous TV actress and star of the police drama, “The Force”. She has everything except love, which she has had to sacrifice for her career. A card from a secret admirer seems to answer her prayers, but the truth is far more sinister.

Reasonable, British based thriller, of Annie becoming a famous TV actress (On a show very similar to The Bill), but who is haunted by her past. Soon she realises she is the target of a sinister attack from person/persons unknown.

The identity of the secret admirer is not really that secret, and the story is a little formulaic, but is a decent enough way to pass an evening with a good bottle of wine


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