Blog Prompt: The Books Of 2014 You Wont Miss

Book Blogger New Year's Challenge
Parajunkee has set up a New Year’s Challenge and has questions set over 14 days and I will try and answer as many as possible


I dont have a list of books I need to keep an eye out for as yet.  My head has been so buried in pre-release books in 2013 that I actually havent been paying attention to the upcoming books.

However, I will be looking out for these new books

  • “The Long Mars” by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter – the third in The Long Earth Series
  • “Mr. Mercedes” by Stephen King (after a long absence I read Dr Sleep when it came back and it seemed to indicate King was back on form)
  • “Borderline” by Lawrence Block.  2014 seems to be the year of republishing Block books – at least in the US!  Not so much here in the UK.

The first two books (above) are not available to pre-order on the Waterstones website (they’re not out till Mid June), but are on – trying not to give them any of my money!

I WILL be avoiding books by Patricia Cornwell (as I still havent read the last two from her and I think there’s a reason for that) or Jonathon Kellerman – I havent read any of his recently either, not because he’s fallen out of favour, just…..because.


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