Book Blogger Pet Peeves

Book Blogger New Year's Challenge
Parajunkee has set up a New Year’s Challenge and has questions set over 14 days and I will try and answer as many as possible


(This is supposed to be a top 10, but let’s see how we do here)

  1. Writers who dont pay attention to me as a reviewer (e.g. when I say “Being from outside the US, I cant download from x, I wont be taking this forward…” then get a reply to that very email a week later going “please read and review my book!” and providing a single link that directs me to the very website I’ve said I cant download from. That will be a definite “no”)
  2. Writers who ask for a free review, then send me one link to their book, where I can buy it – at full price! Again a “No”
  3. Publishers who release ebooks for review – with appalling formatting (fonts too small, 4 different fonts on the same page, odd cApItAlIsAtIoN, random page breaks). Some publishers release lovely pre-release ebooks to reviewers – why can’t all?  I’ve had to stop reading a couple precisely because of the formatting resulting with the books getting a “Did Not Finish”
  4. Adobe Digital Editions, especially when combined with an archive/expiry date.  Now I know there are two sides to this, and some publishers and authors believe this is the best and/or only way to protect their works. My take is that it’s a pain in the arse, and I will do everything to avoid reading and reviewing a book with an ADE expiry date.  You dont trust me?  Fine. There are plenty of other books in the world who want my attention and review.
  5. Unreadable blogs. As someone with continuing sight problems, I struggle to read certain blogs.  White, red or blue text on black background; brown text on brown background; small font; random or unusual font to make the blog “stand out”;  adverts all over the page (making in hard to find the actual blog post); autoplay videos or background music; pages overladen with large photos or animated gifs – need I go on?
  6. Where I have to go through hoops to leave a comment on a blog, worse when it is more than a sentence long and the blogger has been saying something interesting. Having to log in 4 times using 3 different user names and passwords, THEN type in a captua code, THEN have my comment disappear into the ether never to be seen again.  Or try to login with my wordpress id then be forced to create a DISCUS id, even when I don’t want to.  That stops me from commenting and will stop me from following a person’s blog.

And I’ve found another one!

  1. Auto play videos and music.  I know many people are now on broadband, and dont remember what it was like on dial-up where videos slow down the loading of a page.  BUT if I’m going to hit a front page several times (e.g. cos I want to follow through on the comments on a page), the last thing I want is to have that video kicking off each and every time I load the page. Have the video, fine, but not on auto play, please!

7 thoughts on “Book Blogger Pet Peeves

  1. I had the second one happen to me a few times. I was genuinely surprised because a couple of the books actually looked interesting/good.

    The last one gets on my nerves too. I’m a WordPress user but for a while my password just wouldn’t work! On top of that, trying to comment on Blogger is always horrible for me!


    • It’s annoying isnt it when they ask for a review for free but expect you to pay full price? It’s as if they know bloggers are useful, but not enough to pay for it (though of course the book is important enough to pay full price for!


  2. Yes, I can’t comment on Blogger often, too. What does annoy me then is when the blogger never bothers to reply to comments. Every now and then not doing so is fine, but there are some serial offenders, and I do wonder why I bother to try to interact with them then! Present company not implicated, of course!


    • Of Course! I am trying to be much better with my replying to comments too and it’s one of my New Years Resolutions, for that very reason


    • why do people have to make it so difficult? And then complain they get few comments!

      I’m seeing few captua boxes atm, but that’s possibly because I’m commenting on few sites


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